Youth Moves

Youth Moves

Moving bodies, inspiring creativity

Keep Fit Association Youth Moves classes are non-competitive exercise, movement and dance classes for children and young people. Classes take place accross the U.K. and can be found using the  Class Finder on this page.

For kids and teens

Do you enjoy dance?  Would you like to go to a class to develop your skills and style?

We offer a fantastic way of moving and dancing which keeps you fit at the same time and you don’t have to have any experience. We make the classes fun – you make friends and improve you health.

Find your nearest class and give it a try….

For Schools

Youth Moves is more than just dance and movement. Our fully qualified teachers focus on the development of the child including cognitive skills. We offer the opportunity for your teachers to work alongside our trainers to gain confidence in the delivery of movement and dance in the curriculum. We will help to set up after school clubs, initiate performances and for the young people we will give the opportunity to peer lead.

Call us today and we will be happy to discuss ways of delivery of movement and dance in your school.

For parents and carers

Every class features variety and the FUNdamentals  of movement skills – balance, agility, coordination and rhythmic ability. Children and young people are encouraged to explore the dynamics of movement and their own creativity. We all know the importance of being fit but equally it is important to help children and young people develop socially and emotionally too. Youth Moves offers opportunities to everybody between ages 4 to 16 including those with disabilities. Activities are adapted to ensure that everyone is included. We give the chance to perform at local, regional and national events. Parents and carers can get involved too.