Accents and Tension Variations in Movement

10:30 am

6th February 2021

Event details 

Title of CPD event: Accents and Tension Variations in Movement

CPD Unit 2    CPD Element 9

Teacher Training

Tutor Name: Irene Saunders

A chance to explore this fantastic dynamic topic to develop your movement and teaching skills

Date and Time of Training 

Start date: 6th February 2021

End date: As above

Start time: 10:30am

End time: 1:30pm

Total Training Hours: 3 hours

The session will include a short working break when hot beverages will be provided. Please bring own water.

Event Cost: £10.00

Location and Venue Details 

Venue name: Spring Lodge Community Centre

Address: Powershall End, Witham, CM8 2HE

Telephone: 01376 511042