Membership How to Join Guide

How to Join On-line

  • Go to
  • Click on Register
  • Create a new account with your username* and email address*
  • Fill in your First name* and Surname*
  • Tick ‘I am not a Robot’
  • Click create an account
  • You will then receive an email from EMD UK to your email address called subject ‘Your EMD UK Registration’ and your chosen Username.
  • Click on the link within the email you have received
  • It will then ask you for your password and to confirm that password and then click ‘Login’
  • It will then open a page called ‘My Profile’ where it asks you to tick one of the boxes below:  Please select the box highlighted in bold below.

I’m a fitness instructor                                                                                                                                    I want to be a fitness instructor                                                                                                                    I want to buy EMD UK membership/insurance/music licence                                                                I want to book onto a training course/CPD                                                                                                I’m a participant/want to join 

  • Then click on Next Page
  • Fill in your phone number and select phone type
  • Then click Submit
  • You will be taken to your ‘My Home Page’
  • Then click on NEW KFA and Medau memberships
  • The 2023-2024 membership fee below(**) will be pre-selected for either the Early Bird or Standard price                                                                                                                            **Membership Fee 2023 – 2024 (Online Early Bird) – up to 31st October 2023 = £23.00** Membership Fee 2023-2024 (Cheque Early Bird) – up to 31st October 2023 = £25.00

**Membership Fee 2023 – 2024 (Standard Online) – is from 1st November 2023 = £25.00**           Membership Fee 2023-2024 (Standard Cheque) – is from 1st November 2023 = £27.00

  • Please give a donation towards The Keep Fit Association if you wish to
  • In the Teachers Details section (enter if you are a new member) your teachers first name followed by their surname (if you know this) for example – Jane Smith
  • Then fill in the Card Details section
  • Input your billing name and address details where the boxes are mandatory* if not already filled in
  • You will then come to the T’s and C’s KFA section – Tick yes in the box if you would like to receive group exercise related updates
  • Input today’s date
  • Click on Continue
  • Then verify the information
  • Then click on make payment
  • You will then receive a confirmation email from The Keep Fit Association
  • If you wish to you can view your payment in the ‘My Profile, dashboard and support resources’ section online.
  • EMD UK on behalf of the Keep Fit Association will send out your KFA welcome pack

New member joins through the teacher using the teacher’s bulk payment system

  • The new member downloads the form from the KFA website completes and sends it to EMD UK via post or email (without payment)
  • The new member then makes direct payment to the teacher
  • On receipt, the office  will upload the new member’s details on to the teacher’s members list and advise the teacher.
  • Once advised, the teacher uses their bulk payment area to make payment. This action is open to all teachers

Where this method is used the early bird online fee and standard rates apply.

Please always do check the current membership fee against each option at the time of the application to make sure you process the correct joining fee.

New Member joins through the teacher by passing the form and payment to the teacher

A teacher can collect new membership forms, together with correct payment from the new member and then make a single payment via bulk pay once the office has received the new member form, so that they can upload the member onto their system. The office will then let the teacher know once this has been done, so the teacher can make payment on line.



We value all members and if a new member wishes to pay by cheque, we have arranged a local payment option. For information on how to make payments by cheque, please contact your Regional Member Liaison Officer, their details are on the back of the Moving Together Magazine, and they will provide details.

New Member paying by cheque

If a new member wishes to pay by cheque, they should contact EMD UK by phone on 01403 266000 or email: to obtain details of how to make payment. The Regional Member Liaison Office can assist with cheque payments

New member downloads the new member form from the KFA website and completes the form