National Championships 2017

Every two years the Keep Fit Association holds it’s National Championship competition highlighting the talent and skills of its members. Extending over two days, up to 400 competitors perform in solo, duo, trio and teams across eight categories of Fitness, Exercise, Movement and Dance.

We returned to The Albert Hall in Nottingham for the 2017 Championships and we all watched in awe the performances and agree that we, at the KFA  certainly know how to throw a celebration of exercise, movement and dance.

List of placings

Fitness Freestyle Team

  • 1st Denholm’s dancers produced by Ruth Denholm (East Midlands) – ‘Bollywood Blast’
  • 2nd Equal City Dane produced by Lynne Casey (North East) – ‘Bathing Belles’
  • 2nd Equal Northern Lights produced by Christine Chapman (North East)

Movement and Dance Solo

  • 1st Pauline McIntosh (Southern Counties) – ‘Duet for One’
  • 2nd Fiona Dale (North East) – ‘Epiphany’
  • 3rd Juliet Walker-Shepherd (west Midlands) – ‘The Next Step’

Apparatus team

  • 1st Chameleon produced by Lisa Terry (East Midlands) – Balls ‘Clowning Around’
  • 2nd Carpe Diem produced by Shirley Shergold (West Midlands) – Ribbons ‘Ribbonesque’
  • 3rd Irridescence produced by Judy Stephenson (North West) – Materials

Movement and Dance Trio

  • 1st Pauline McIntosh, Jane Capers and sam Tear (Southern Counties) – ‘The Gathering’
  • 2nd Nicola Pilmoor, Lauren Ritchie and Lisa Clarke (North East) – ‘Inception’

Movement and Dance Duo

  • 1st Isabella Lockwood and Stephanie dos Santos produced by Sheila Bryan (South East) – ‘Echoes Through Time’
  • 2nd Pauline McIntosh and Jane Capers (SouthernCounties) – ‘One Divided’
  • 3rd Sally Clarke and Tayla McKeown (East Midlands) – ‘Love Me?’

Movement and Dance Team

  • 1st Enchantment produced by Sheila Bryan (South East)
  • 2nd equal City Dance produced by Lynne Casey (North East) – ‘The Journey’
  • 2nd equal Northern Lights produced by Christine Chapman (North East) – ‘Brave Enough’

Movement and Dance Solo – Young Dancer

  • 1st Stephanie Wareham (North East) – ‘Fire and Ice’
  • 2nd Rebecca Wareham (North East) – ‘Set Me free’
  • 3rd Amy Thew (North East) – ‘Hope’