National Festival 2018

National Festival of Movement 2018 – A showcase of spectacular KFA work.

Festival 2018 Finale

Once again we were off to Birmingham and the Symphony Hall for our biennial Festival of Movement – subtitled this year, the Spirit of Dance.

From the opening number, choreographed by one of the show’s producers, Lynne Casey, we knew we were in for a treat. Items spanning the whole range of keep fit movement styles, produced by a wide variety of KFA teachers ensured that this show delivered something for everyone.  Our producers excelled with their creativity and performers, of all ages, showed their enthusiasm to demonstrate their joy of Laban Dance through the Keep Fit Association.

The theme for the Spirit of Dance was ‘emotions’ and producers were challenged to base their item on a specific emotion. Some touched the heart – others the funny bone – but each reached out to the audience and the enthusiastic applause that greeted each item was well earned.

Here are just a few thoughts from those that participated

Elaine Holmes & Pam Gilbert, both members of the Southern Counties KFA team “Tranquility”, set out their feelings of being part of the festival experience.

“What a wonderful getting together with friends old and new day it was – some super items with brilliant costumes.”

“Performing at our Festival always has that tingle factor – can’t wait to do it again!”

Maureen producer of Eastern Counties KFA, “Energy Buzz”, sets out her thoughts of producing a team. “I was so pleased to be chosen to produce an item for the Festival. A wonderful venue to perform in. The feeling of the day for me was of nervous excitement, willing my team to do their best which I feel they did.”

Producer of North West KFA team “Emotive Ribbons”, Sandra McPeake says “As a Producer, it is a challenge to find music that maybe hasn’t been used before and also to choreograph an item that the audience will remember! All this can only happen if we have a great team who work hard together and are ready on stage to perform and bring this music and choreography to life!”

Georgina Moore and Elaine McGrath, both members of the team Emotive Ribbons have shared their experiences with us.

Georgina says “What a buzz – performing with my friends on the stage in such a fantastic venue! Brilliant team spirit- the atmosphere on stage was electric!”

Elaine adds her thoughts and feelings as she was about to launch onto the stage – “As I wait to enter the arena I just hope I don’t let my teammates down and go wrong. And then the performance is over and we are all on a “high” no matter what has happened! Exhilarating!”

Find more pictures and stories from every region by visiting our website.

If you want to see the full show – either again or, if you were unable to get to Birmingham, for the first time, a video can be purchased from Jag Productions.

Pictures are all by kind permission of Chris Christodoulou. You can see all the photos he took of all performances which are truly stunning – and please purchase some from his website: and go to the Client Area.