New Sport and Recreation Alliance Report

Keep Fit Association are delighted to announce the publication of the social value of movement and dance. A new Sport and Recreation Alliance (SRA) report.

The Keep Fit Association, alongside 25 other members of the SRA Movement and Dance division, and a consortium of academic professionals specialising in research on movement and dance, have developed this report to show the power and enormous social value of movement and dance.

Read full Sport and Recreation Alliance press release here. SRA M&D Press Release

Read the Social Value of Movement and Dance Report Executive Summary here. Executive Summary

Read the full Social Value of Movement and Dance Report here. Full report

Keep Fit Association Chair Lynne Dowdican says
I am proud that our organisation has been an integral part of this vitally important piece of research and final report. We have been a full participant of Sport and Recreation Alliance Movement and Dance division and its predecessors for over 20 years. During that time, we have always known how Laban Dance Fitness Keep Fit classes provide physical and mental wellbeing to our participants, and how indispensable our classes are in the communities they operate in.
This is a most welcome National report which validates all that we intrinsically knew about the power, value and real benefits of movement, dance and exercise.