Showcasing Laban Dance Video

KFA Showcasing Laban Dance Video

The Keep Fit Association showcased Laban Dance at their National Festival at the Birmingham Symphony Hall in Summer 2022.

Putting together a show on the scale of the National Festival takes a lot of planning and preparation. The Show Production team started discussing the theme way back in the summer of 2019. They decided on ‘The Magic of Dance’ – with a focus on mystery, fantasy, hopes and dreams. Never in their wildest dreams (or nightmares) did anyone imagine what would happen in 2020, but no one ever gave up hope that the show would eventually happen, maybe in 2020, or hopefully in 2021, surely all would be okay by 2022?

And happen it finally did, and what an amazing show it was. Despite some smaller teams than originally planned, a couple of changes of music and a few last-minute costume changes, almost all the original Keep Fit Association’s regional producers were able to see their dreams become a reality at last.

The Keep Fit Association uses Laban’s Analysis in all we do.  The standard of the teams was incredibly high, a wonderful variety of styles, music, colour and costumes. Everyone had worked so hard to bring the theme to life which gave the whole show a coherence and told a magical story to the audience. Someone had sprinkled some ‘Magic of the Dance’ fairy dust over the Symphony Hall that day, as every team really raised their game from morning rehearsal to afternoon performance.

After such an uncertain couple of years the festival was a wonderful opportunity for our Keep Fit Association family to be back together for a joyous celebration of everything that makes us so special.

The Keep Fit Association is always keen to welcome new teachers and members into our Association. If you would like to be part of our community of Laban Dance enthusiasts, please contact us on


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