The Keep Fit Association Volunteer of The Year Awards 2014

Overall winner  – Beryl Fisher

Beryl Fisher – Committee Member winner

Beryl Fisher - West Midlands Comittee Member (1)

Left : Ann Bayley – Vice President, The Keep Fit Association Right : Beryl Fisher, West Midlands Committee Member

Beryl has been a KFA member for over 30 years and has held many committee posts for West Midlands (W.M) dur- ing that time including being the current Secretary and Regional Member Liaison Officer. She organises committee meetings, sub meetings and takes the minutes distributing them to committee members. Beryl actively promotes KFA membership and has attended many National meetings as a stand in for PRO in 2004/5 and Treasurer in 2007 and also acted as stand in Chair for W.M from 2009-2012 on top of her primary roles. Summer and Christmas ral- lies, Triennial Festivals, East meets West rallies have all been organised by Beryl. She holds committee meeting in her house providing lunch and has injected more informality, humour and structure to the occasions. Beryl has also attended most NAGMs and brought back the T Cup on a number of occasions. During her term of office in

W.M she has also organised two successful NAGMs. Most recently she was entrusted to organise the presentation flowers for the National Festival. Beryl goes above and beyond the call of duty and although very hard working is very approachable and has a wonderful personality. She is always full of enthusiasm and encouragement. Without her dedication the West Midlands may not be the thriving association it is today.

Beryl’s reaction to winning

Beryl Fisher - West Midlands Comittee Member

Left : Beryl Fisher, West Midlands Committee Member Right : Grace Beckett – Chair, The Keep Fit Association

“Amazed, thrilled and proud to get this award. I urge anyone to get involved be it local, regional or at national level. I have learnt such a lot – writing letters, newsletters, keeping accounts, tolerance and patience etc. etc. Thank you to everyone for the honour.”







Teacher Member winner

Left : Rosemary Larke  - Teacher Member Right : Ann Bayley, Vice President The Keep Fit Association

Left : Rosemary Larke – Teacher Member
Right : Ann Bayley, Vice President The Keep Fit Association

Rosemary was always destined to be a KFA Teacher. At her secondary school she was presented with a Physical Education Prize by Eileen Fowler-there the seeds were sown. She joined a class and became a KFA member 43 years ago while pursuing her nursing career and finally became a teacher in 1994. In 2001 she passed the Ad- vanced Teacher Certificate, 2011/2 the Mature Movers Course and in 2004/5 the RNIB Course and went on to teach the visually impaired through BASIS, a group for people with Macular Degeneration. Rosemary currently teaches a variety of classes one of which is in a residential complex as she is passionate about promoting the bene- fits of exercise to older people. She not only teaches but organises outings, meals out during the Summer and at Christmas and a party for her class members who attend a local day centre. Apart from her seven classes Rose- mary finds time to talk to outside associations about KFA from time to time and has served on the South East Essex committee for many years. Local KFA colleagues say Rosemary is a friendly, supportive, selfless and cheerful lady with a sparkling smile. She is always willing to help others and share her knowledge using a professional approach whether dealing with class members, colleagues, officials or members of the public and they wholeheartedly sup- port her nomination for the Teacher Section.


Rosemary’s reaction to winning

“The 20th August, what a special day, it was my 48th Wed- ding Anniversary and when we returned from a great day in London, taking two of our Granddaughters to Bucking- ham Palace, a letter from the Keep Fit Association awaited us. I learnt that I had been chosen as “Volunteer of the Year 2014 Teacher Member Section Winner”. After the ini- tial shock I felt very honoured and proud that my area should have even put me forward for doing something I have really enjoyed doing for many years. My reward over the years has been my involvement with the KFA and the wonderful people I have worked with. To receive this award is the icing on the cake”.


Member winner

Shirley Faichen –  Member winner

Shirley has been a KFA member for 40 years and attends two classes a week and is currently Treasurer of Hants Committee. She has however been nominated for the ‘Member Section’ for the sterling assistance she has given to her sister Petra’s Youth Moves (YM) class. Shirley persuaded Petra to do the YM course in the first place and while she was training had Petra’s two boys, who were two and five years old at the time, to stay over each of the course weekends. Every week Shirley turns up come rain or shine straight from her full time job to help with Petra’s YM children, most of whom are four years old. She collects the money, deals with the toilet run and any difficult behav- iour that occurs. She is their first aider, carer, drink provider, costume maker, prop maker and loved by all the class members. Over the years there have been a number of children with special needs and they have been able to attend the class without any other carer because of the fantastic support that Shirley has given them. The parents have been very grateful as their children have been able to attend on a level footing with other children. Shirley al- ways supports all the displays the class do and has become a listening ear for the parents and children alike. She is patient, calm and willing to do anything and her skills and knowledge of children is invaluable. She is relentless in what she does and they couldn’t do without her.


Shirley’s reaction to winning

 Left : Janet Richmond, RMLO Southern Counties Right : Ann Bayley, Vice President -The Keep Fit Association

Left : Janet Richmond, RMLO Southern Counties
Right : Ann Bayley, Vice President -The Keep Fit Association

I was surprised and delighted when I opened my letter to discover that I had been awarded volunteer of the year, especially as my mum, Pam Westmore, had previously won it in 2009. I was introduced to the KFA as a teenager, by my mum, on the Isle of Wight, and have been an active member for most of the last 40 years. I now help my sis- ter, Petra Maudsley, with her youth moves class and enjoy seeing and supporting the children to have fun through exercise and dance. I have formed some great friendships through being part of Hampshire KFA and hope to continue for many years to come.