The Keep Fit Association Volunteer of the Year Awards 2019

Celebrating our Volunteers of the Year in 2019

Every Year the KFA recognizes all the hard work and dedication it receives from our volunteers working on behalf of the organisation. We appreciate all that each and every one does, devoting so much time and energy to their roles

The KFA would not survive if it were not for this contribution and so each year we show our appreciations with these National Awards.

What our 2019 winners say

Committee winner – Irene Johnstone

“Thank you so much for you most welcome letter which came as a great surprise. It really gave me a lift as I was sitting in a hospital bed at the time.

I have always enjoyed being a committee member as it makes me feel a part of the whole of the Keep Fit Association and I have made many friends over the years. it is lovely to attend functions and see so many colleagues from the past and present”

Teacher winner – Kathy Lynch

“In the words of John McEnroe and Victor Meldrew, respectively, when I opened your letter informing me that I had won the teacher category in the 2019 Volunteer of the Year Awards: “You cannot be serious” and “I don’t believe it!”

In 1976, I moved from Eastern Counties to east midlands and enrolled in one of Diana Bigley’s classes. after a few weeks, Diana asked me if I had thought about training to be a KFA teacher. I replied “Not really but I’ll give it try.” Anne Humphrey was the course trainer and the rest as they, is history.” Thank you to the KFA for providing opportunities to enjoy the experience of movement and dance, and enabling me to pass that experience on to so many others. Thank you to my class members for nominating me for this award. it is an honour to be chosen as Volunteer of the Year in the Teacher Category and I humbly accept it”

Member winner – Barbara Green

“I have been a member for over thirty years and it has been an honour to contribute as a class member in any way I can, whether it’s checking that no one has left anything in the hall, organising coffee mornings, surprise lunches and anything in between. we are one big happy KFA family and the laughter and friendship we have is something I value immensely: it is a pleasure to help in any way I can. I can’t wait to thank them for my nomination and share my news”